Our Process

Our process is simple and thorough. It all starts with an initial meeting. This meeting, like every first step, is to get to know one another.

Every plan we create is tailored to your needs, and built to withstand market corrections and fluctuations. We look at the big picture concerning your finances with the goal of enhancing your peace of mind by following these three steps:

  • The first and most important thing we do is listen. We take what you tell us and assist you in quantifying your hopes and dreams. We do this by reviewing your complete current financial picture and analyzing where you are relative to where you want to be.
  • Next, our team creates a cash flow analysis. This analysis takes into account every financial aspect of your life. With this analysis you are able to see a holistic and comprehensive picture that gives you an idea of what it will take to generate the income you want and protect the wealth you have worked so hard to build.

Then we work with you to help determine your tolerance for various types of risk. Given these directions, we design, implement and monitor an investment plan with the goal of maximizing the probability that your future financial objectives will be met within the risk parameters that you give us.

  • We proactively communicate with our clients and identify and address important financial issues, so things don’t get missed. 
  • We simplify your financial life by helping you organize and keep your financial, tax, and estate planning/legal documents up to date with current changes in the law (bringing in outside specialists whom we have vetted when necessary).
  • We monitor changes in the markets and your personal circumstances to determine whether your portfolio needs to be adjusted.